Oldenburg's All-For-Free-Market (Freeshop)

Our most popular Agenda 21-project is our All-For-Free-Market („Oldenburger Verschenkmarkt“), which is a kind of flea market for used items, but without money exchange and with permanent duration, situated in the city of Oldenburg. Our Give-away shop/freeshop/free store/second-hand store where all goods are free is similar to charity shops, only everything is available at no cost. Everything inside the market is absolutely free of charge: housewares, tableware, glasses, toys, textiles, clothing, furnitures, technical and electronic devices, tools, books and so on. An internet All-For-Free-Market has been founded additionally.

This project is based upon a simple principle: no longer necessary objects of daily life are offered at a central place and transmitted cost-free to persons who have still some use for it. The gift market connects ecological, social and economical concerns on exemplary type. In addition to the environmental protection aspect (waste avoidance, reducing disposal costs, saving resources), this project benefits people who cannot afford to purchase new consumption goods all the time. Furthermore as a more social effect a form of solidarity is demonstrated which seems to have run into oblivion. The All-For-Free-Market turns itself against the idea of a „Throw away community“ and wants to sharpen people's senses towards alternative ways of living.

The Oldenburg All-For-Free-Market has been established in 2002 at a former public swimming hall at Berliner Platz in Oldenburg. This location had to be closed due to plans for a new shopping mall in October 2006. In September 2004 another branch has been located on a commercial area of MACO City at Rheinstraße, Oldenburg.

The Oldenburg „All-for-Free-Market“ is an important part of our household waste concept to reduce residual waste.

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Opening hours

All-For-Free-Market inside MACO City, Rheinstraße, Oldenburg

Tuesday + Thursday: 4 pm - 6 pm
Monday + Saturday: 12 am - 2 pm

Internet All-For-Free-Market

For bulk items please use our Internet-All-For-Free-Market (available in German language only).


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